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About Us

Ivy Square Fashions – how we came to be.

While working as an executive assistant to a top level manager at a college, I couldn’t help but compare what I was wearing each day to what my peers were wearing. It had always been my misfortune to be short, fat (well, very fat!) and squat. No matter what my age, I always had rolls of fat to hide. Getting older, I found that I had flabby upper arms and thighs to hide as well. I very seldom shopped. But when I did, I just bought whatever covered what I didn’t want others to see. Needless to say, I usually wore slacks and tent blouses. Skirts, dresses or anything fitted were never good as I didn’t have a waistline –period!

My epiphany to start Ivy Square Fashions came one day at a meeting when a lady from another campus was in attendance. Being a new hire, I had never met her. When she walked in, I was immediately impressed by the way she was dressed.

She was dressed in an off-white, maxi-length, flowing, loose linen skirt and a long tunic layered with a shorter vest. Her gladiator sandals stopped just above her ankles. She wore a long, large statement necklace and a cuff bracelet on each arm. Her long hair was braided and pulled to one shoulder.

Mind you, she was not especially young and was overweight, but she presented a fabulous style - laid-back and casual, but elegant at the same time. Her loose, layered clothing hid imperfections and made her look slimmer.

I knew then that was the style I wanted for myself. Excited with my new insight, I started searching the internet for similar clothes and jewelry. That was when I found the 'Lagenlook' style of clothing. ‘Lagen’ is German for ‘layered.’ There’s just something about the somewhat shapeless, flowing, sometimes quirky, casual look that was appealing. Fitted clothing drew attention to my lumps and bulges. Wouldn’t it make sense to wear clothing that sort of floats over your body rather than emphasizing it? Layering your clothing can be a way of disguising imperfections and creating your very own unique style of dressing. You can use designer clothing along with second hand, vintage, or any piece that appeals to you for layering.

This style of clothing has made me feel more comfortable with my body and also gives me a uniqueness that sets me apart. It’s a modest, rather simple look, but so very elegant and classy at the same time. Now, I can relax and not worry about always trying to hide the roll of fat around my stomach or my flabby upper arms. I’m not really ashamed of my body. I am what I am. However, I really want everyone to see me, the person, not my imperfect body parts. This clothing gives me the freedom to be me! It is so much fun to put together different layers with different textures or fabrics to make an outfit.

It occurred to me that others might love this special type of clothing just as much as I do. I hope this website, just as my meeting with the stylish new hire, can show the significance of Lagenlook clothing in a way that will speak to my customers. I want everyone to find what they need to wear to feel like they want to feel.

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